About Me

Welcome to a page about me! I’m a 20 year old Game Designer/Gameplay Scripter with a passion for video games that stems back to my earliest years. I can still remember the first game I ever played: Spyro, Enter the Dragonfly. While my tastes have changed since then, my love for video games has only grown.

I initially took an interest in game design back in grade 11 in high school, when we were tasked with creating a small game in java. I learned that I absolutely loved the process of creating this game, and decided I wanted to pursue it further

My focus as a designer is scripting and programming the individual systems in a video game, with a heavy focus on creating immersive gameplay for players, as well as level design and overall game design. Recently, I’ve been focusing more on the development of AI in video games. I believe that engaging AI can significantly increase the player’s experience if done well, and I am looking forward to further improving my skills as a designer and programmer.

Below I’ve included my resume for your convenience