Raptor Pit


Raptor Pit is a map created for Unreal Tournament. Created for an in-class assignment, the map is designed for the game’s CTF (Capture the Flag) gamemode. Inspired by the raptor pit from Jurassic World, the map takes on a more run down style, and players must fight for control of flags among abandoned cars, freight containers, and even the ruins of the raptor pit itself


The design challenge for this assignment was to take any existing setting from pop culture and media and turn it into a capture the flag map for Unreal Tournament. Initial concepts of the map included the Aviary from Jurassic park, the main square of the park, but eventually I settled on the raptor pit.

The raptors were an iconic piece of Jurassic Park and the resulting sequels, and I thought it would be a fun experience to create a map that centers around them

Design Process

The design process followed standard level design procedures: initial concept turned into idea, which turned into pen and paper prototypes and eventually top-down graphs.

One issue I ran into in the design process was sniper sight lines. Initially, the spawn area was very open, and players could camp with the shock rifle and spawnkill. To remedy this, many obstacles such as cars were scattered around spawn zones, and the spawn area was enclosed in a structure with multiple exits

Design Graphs

Map Graybox