Platform: PC, Xbox controller control scheme
Tools Used: Unity, Visual Studio 2019, Github
Role: Game Designer and Scripter


Unbearable is a 3D split-screen zombie survival game designed and created for Global Game Jam 2020. The game was designed for the theme of the jam: Repair. In Unbearable, two players survive against waves of zombie teddy bears, collecting batteries used to repair the “God-bear” to gain ammo for their weapon and kill all nearby zombies.

Design Challenge

The theme of Global Game Jam 2020 was Repair. Our team sat down and deliberated for a decent time on what we could do to fit with the theme of repair while also making a fun experience within the provided 72 hour time frame. Eventually, we decided on a theme that excited us: zombie teddy bears and lots of electricity.

The main feeling we wanted to emulate with this game was the feeling of working together to survive overwhelming odds, but do it in a way that is different than most zombie survival games. During the design process, we had the thought that players would only be allowed to carry one object. If they wanted to pick up a battery, they would need to drop their weapon. We hoped to promote a co-operative experience by making players need to work together to survive.

For thematic, we wanted to go for a run-down storage warehouse where rejected teddy bears were coming for the players. The main catch: A God-Bear, which teleports around the map when activated. Players had to feed the bear batteries dropped by the zombies in order to gain ammo for their weapons and kill all nearby enemies.

My Contributions

Being one of the two programmers on this project, I contributed to roughly half of all the scripting, however I also contributed more than just that. My contributions to this project were:

  • AI agents and their behaviours
  • AI object pooler to prevent lag
  • Wave progression system
  • Scene management and transitions
  • Item Spawning
  • God-Bear objective, both increasing number of batteries required and the electric explosion
  • God-Bear teleportation
  • UI Functionality
  • Gun reload
  • God-Bear explosion effect


The conclusion of Global Game Jam 2020 came fast and left us with a game that we were rather happy with. It looked good, and aside from a few small visual and gameplay bugs, it played well, considering the 72 hour time limit of Global Game Jam.

Feedback from fellow jammers proved rather positive as well. Despite the small amount of bugs, other really enjoyed playing this game. The co-op split-screen aspect helped this alongside the easy to pick up gameplay. There was a little bit of confusion at first, but once players read the instruction screen, they were able to figure out what to do fairly easy.